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Share The Cooking’s Mission Statement

To create a friendly, free resource where busy families can easily find and create fulfilling partnerships to ease the burdens of cooking every single night. Imagine only having to think about dinner once per week…Find families who have similar culinary preferences and skill levels to exchange meals throughout the week.


1. Create a Profile

Create a profile that expresses just what you like and just what you are looking for in a cooking group!

2. Find People Who Eat Like You

Browse any other family profile and find someone who wants to cook and eat just like you!

3. Contact Your Matches
and Get Cooking!

Message your new friends as much as you want. Then get together and start cooking.

It’s 100% free — and always will be!

Create an Account

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Some Amazing Benefits of Sharing the Cooking

* Spend less money preparing one meal in bulk per week
* Save time planning by only having to create one meal per week
* Have more time for yourself (what would you do with 3 free nights per week?)
* Cook healthier meals than you would if you had to cook all the time
* Sit down to dinner with your family every night
* Eat less fast food
* Meet more people in your area with similar preferences
* Learn more about cooking and get creative in the kitchen

An Example

Family #1 cooks and delivers dinner for all 4 families on Monday night.

Family #2 cooks and delivers dinner for all 4 families on Tuesday night, and so on.

Before you know it, you’ve had a home-cooked meal for every dinner of the week — and only had to plan and create one of them!

What Does A Share The Cooking Account Include?

 Browse full member profiles

Contact members directly

Participate in group discussions relevant to you

Create your own groups and invite your friends to participate

Access materials and recommendations to get your dinner co-op to the best start

Receive a 2-week example dinner co-op cooking plan with shopping list


This Arrangement Works Best For

* People with specific diets like vegans and vegetarians
* Busy, large families with parents who work full-time
* Families with dietary restrictions: gluten-free, vegetarian, low sodium, paleo,
vegan, food allergies, diabetics, nursing/pregnant mothers, etc
* One-parent households
* Families with very young children
* Couples without children who don’t want to cook a lot
* Single people who have trouble cooking for just 1 person

Create an Account

Click here to set up a profile and start looking for matches in your area!

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